Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Welcome home

'It is a very inconvenient habit of kittens (Alice had once made the remark) that whatever you say to them, they always purr.' 

Lewis Carroll, 'Through the Looking Glass, And What Alice Found There'

I haven't posted for a while because we have been in a holiday mood and no formal learning is taking place, apart from Charlie's daily online lesson on ConquerMaths. He is also reading lots. He is now on the last volume of the 'Harry Potter' series and has also read three library books for the Reading Challenge: one on mosaics, and the other two on the Titanic, which is his chosen topic for the start of next term.

Our main news is that we have just acquired two new family members. 

They are still very shy of us, but are gradually getting used to their new home. Charlie has read a book about looking after kittens and is now able to advise us on all their needs. He made them a cardboard playhouse, following the advice laid out in the book.

He has also been feeding them, clearing out their litter tray and playing with them.

Today, a new piece of furniture arrived for them: a scratching post which doubles up as an entertainment centre, with tunnels and hidey holes, as well as a comfy place to sleep on the top. Charlie and his friend unpacked it and set it up, whilst the kittens looked on.

After an energetic play session, the kittens were eventually worn out by the boys' play and fell fast asleep on the top of the tower.

Two on a Tower

Keeping pets is a wonderful way for Charlie to learn about responsibility, as well as to develop a caring attitude towards animals. They have also brought him and his brother together this week, giving them a shared source of delight and laughter.

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