Wednesday, 5 November 2014


The main event for Charlie over the half-term break was Halloween. He pestered me until I gave in and dragged the boxes of Halloween stuff out of the cupboard, days before the event itself, so that he could start decorating the house.

Then, inspired by a video about Halloween activities on 'The Kid Should See This', which we get emailed to us every week, Charlie set about creating his own Halloween decorations.

A homemade candle made out of half an orange and some olive oil

Another homemade candle - this time, it's just butter and paper

Making a glitterball out of a pumpkin
The finished result, hanging in Charlie's bedroom
Carving another pumpkin

Finished result

Charlie didn't want to go trick or treating this year and asked if he could invite a couple of friends over instead. They came round for the afternoon, played Minecraft and made some Halloween cupcakes. 

Charlie decorated the plain cupcake cases

Then, instead of going out, we stayed in and handed out sweets to a succession of neighbourhood children, ranging from cute toddlers in pumpkin costumes to tall, scary teenagers in terrifying masks. Eventually, we blew the pumpkin tealight out and left a bowl of sweets outside on the doorstep. A few minutes later, we heard giggling and a boy shouting, "LEGGIT!" Sure enough, when I glanced outside, the bowl of sweets was empty. Never mind, at least that meant Halloween was well and truly over and I could pour myself a glass of wine and relax. 

Charlie went to bed, having eaten far too many cupcakes and sweets for my liking, but very happy.


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