Saturday, 31 May 2014

Half term

We're observing the half-term holiday as Charlie's friends are all off school and it's been good for him to catch up with them.

Charlie has also had a visit from another home-educated boy. They spent three and a half hours playing with Lego and chatting about...

The other day, Charlie cooked for us.

Peel and chop some potatoes

Crush rosemary and sea salt with a pestle and mortar

Parboil the potatoes, then scatter rosemary and salt over them. Roast in the oven.

Meanwhile, the Kind Carrots have been invaded by fungi. After Charlie's initial horror had worn off - and his worry that his carrots would be poisoned - we tried to identify them using this website, but failed. However, as we learned, there are about a million species of fungi, so it wasn't really surprising. To my astonishment, Charlie told me that fungi were microbes, like viruses and bacteria. I have no idea how he knew that. I sometimes wonder who is teaching whom.

Carrots with unwelcome visitors

As there is no need to get up early at the moment, Charlie is allowed to read himself to sleep every night this week. He has been mostly re-reading these, which he finds hilarious.

And, together, we are reading a book by Jamila Gavin called 'Three Indian Princesses', based on three Hindu tales. We came across the first chapter in the Galore Park Junior English textbook and it was so beautifully written and so exciting that we both wanted to know what happened next. 

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