Thursday, 15 May 2014

Lego creations

Charlie makes things out of Lego every day. If he's not reading or looking at Minecraft clips on YouTube, he's inventing. Now that he's not at school, he has more time and energy to give free rein to his creative side.

Computer with mouse

Old-fashioned phone with handset

Desk tidy, featuring a drawer which opens. The pot contains a working pen made out of Lego. Note the Lego hairbrush in the foreground.
Dog on a lead, with bone

One shoe off and the other shoe on...

Table - handy for drinks and snacks

Inside a Lego tunnel

A working pinball machine. It looks fuzzy because Charlie has covered it with transparent plastic in place of glass.


  1. Most enjoyable although as Charlie's granny I have rather a vested interest!

  2. Amazing work Charlie - I must show my kids these creations!